Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Contact or Client

It was with great restraint that I diplomatically told a client to take his business elsewhere today, after questioning my hourly worth. My first thoughts however was to maybe point out to this poor fool that he just can’t afford my services.

Just the mere thought that I need a degree to charge R200 per hour, that’s enough to seriously piss me off. If I was stupid enough to waste 4 years of my life in a College to get theoretical background information, and then get out and try and make a living, well, I would surely NOT be charging R200 per hour, but double that as is the going rate for developers in Johannesburg and all over in the big cities.

I attach no value to qualification, as I believe in experience, not theory, because in the technology field, you need that, experience and interest in what you are doing. If you don’t have that, well, you going to fall behind. So in my case, I have 9 years experience in building, marketing and managing websites. All that with only a matric qualification. But at the same time I am EXPERIENCED with more aspects of web development, hosting and computer networking than any person walking out of college or university.

I now have a endless list of clients who I have developed and worked with, who I use as reference, and they also sell by means of word of mouth marketing to their contacts and friends. People seek out my services for the fact that they have seen or heard that I am able to do what I say I can do (and when it comes to web development, there’s no limit). I live an a small town (hell, this town does not even have a traffic officer), and I haven’t marketed my services since I moved here, all I have is my website (, my clients and my resellers.

So it’s save to say that if you end up asking me for a quotation or advice, then you’ve been referred to me, simply because I am your solution. If I cannot help you, I will tell you immediately and refer you to somebody that can help you. Then to those who feel I am somehow charging to much for my expertise, experience doesn’t come free, and if the pricetag is to high, well then you’ll remain a contact somewhere in a address book, but not become a client and be entitled to service and advice.

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  1. Well, all I can say is good for you - nothing wrong with YOUR communications skills! I agree that experience is FAR more important than any educational degree - that fact is evident in the number of sites existing about "Refirement" and not retirement ( - the experience that the 50+ people have to offer is invaluable. And the same would go for any 30-year old as compared to some snot-kop straight out of university - keep up the good work!