Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The Change

I find myself at the end of just over 2 months in Johannesburg, and everything has turned out so different from what was planned. Not only did I get that sour taste the rat race brings to your mouth, but I also learned a lot about people, both at work as well as socially and on a personal level.

I had this great sense of change coming over me this week. Changed my approach, my visions and generally taking stock, and looking forward. The time up here in this concrete jungle allowed me time to clear my head about personal emotions and feelings, and really look at it from a almost ‘clearer’ perspective, not being caught up in the daily emotional turmoil and events that my hometown currently holds in store for me. Time away brought with it the answers, and responses determined the future.

Although I was loosing one client account on the once side, I was gaining more on the other hand. Sometimes while being involved with an issue or project does not allow for you to really focus on the value and long-term objectives. I have never been one to easily jump into a thing without having carefully thought it through, yet I now see myself having done just that on a few occasions the past year.

This year has actually brought such a lot of change with it on so many different levels, not just referring to my divorce this year, but also work wise such a lot of things changed. In most aspects it’s been good changes made, and in some it’s still difficult debating sense into why I allowed for that change to take place.

But entering the last month of 2008, I am not regretting anything that happened this year, outcomes or consequences. Instead I feel relieved that I have come this far, made it so far and still kept my sanity. Reflecting back on the past year and its challenges, I realize that friends and family played a big role in keeping me afloat during stormy waters at times. I do not have a lot of friends, probably because I set such high standards, but the few I have, I can call true friends, pillars of character and wisdom. Probably the reason why so many of them are almost double my age. But to those friends and family alike, I cannot even begin to express my gratitude.

Realizing when I now took time out to carefully reflect back on the past year, take stock of my current position and plan ahead, I might actually be heading in the right direction. The thing to do is to clearly identify your goals, and then to start planning towards them, but actually planning it. In less than 10 days I already reached my first goal, but through careful planning and execution there-of. For the new year ahead now I have clearly defined goals with a plan to get to each of them. This year I will not have new year’s resolutions, but I have a set of goals to achieve instead.

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